RMG Network membership criteria

The RMG Network will be inclusive and open to membership for all. Network membership will permit access to a ‘members' section of the RMG Network website and/or underpinning project websites such as the Global Rumen Census and Hungate 1000, (through a user password), where data, protocols and tools may be viewed without any restrictions. The ‘members' section of the RMG Network website or those projects associated with the RMG Network will not be available for viewing by the general public. Only items already published, or open source data will be available for public viewing, together with background information on the RMG Network, its aims, goals, purpose, news items etc.

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  • Joint LRG Networks workshop

    Joint LRG Networks workshop  Research networks of the GRA Livestock Research Group (LRG) held a joint workshop at the University of Reading, United Kingdom, on... Read more

  • Update - Ruminomics Regional Workshop

    Ruminomics Regional Workshop. Warsaw, Poland. 1-2 September 2015.  The next version of the programme in support of the Ruminomics regional workshop in Warsaw,... Read more

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