Projects underpinning the RMG Network.  

Initial funding for the formation and implementation of the RMG Network has come from the NZ Government. Several international projects requiring global collaboration have also received funding by the NZ Government and support from overseas collaborators (e.g. US Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute, for the Hungate 1000. A catalogue of reference genomes from the rumen microbiome project). The RMG Network has no funds to disseminate, although it is expected that through the encouragement of participating members, the RMG Network will be able to identify additional funding sources which will facilitate the scientific exchanges, attendance at conferences/workshops, and the funding of new or on-going research.

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  • Joint LRG Networks workshop

    Joint LRG Networks workshop  Research networks of the GRA Livestock Research Group (LRG) held a joint workshop at the University of Reading, United Kingdom, on... Read more

  • Update - Ruminomics Regional Workshop

    Ruminomics Regional Workshop. Warsaw, Poland. 1-2 September 2015.  The next version of the programme in support of the Ruminomics regional workshop in Warsaw,... Read more

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